Which qualities make a mascara good? How to find such product?

“Good mascara” – most of us think that such product doesn’t exist. Yet, when we are luckily to come across a mascara that seems to satisfy our needs, its cost can be compared to the monthly national income of a third world country. However, a good mascara isn’t only within our reach but also it appears to be affordable. Surprised? How to recognize a good mascara? Surely, examining the tube with our naked eye won’t help here. Therefore, if you are looking for a good mascara, pay attention to a few criteria. Which criteria in particular?

How to recognize and choose good mascara?

● Good mascara – brush

Brush is one of the most important elements of mascara. It should have the right shape and be ergonomic. If too small, it won’t be able to build up volume or thickness. On the other hand, if too big, it will surely stain eyelids and leave lashes clumpy.

For that reason, always follow the golden mean philosophy. To clarify, the best mascara brush is the one which can be categorized as medium-sized, narrowed at one end, made of silicone. Only this type of mascara won’t deform during cleaning. Moreover, silicone mascara brushes coat eyelashes flawlessly. Also, it’s more difficult for the mascara itself to dry and residue on this type of applicator.

● Good mascara – results

Lash extending or lash curling mascara? A good mascara is multi-purpose. Today you can achieve a few effects in make-up using just one mascara. The finest mascara products handle a few tasks at a time. They can add body to lashes, extend them, curl and facilitate creating several variations of eye make-up. Thanks to the top-rated mascaras, you can do daily and delicate make-up, romantic look by creating butterfly wings effect, or achieve the multi-lashes effect.

● Good mascara – lasting performance combined with effortless removal

Undoubtedly, waterproof mascara happens to be perfect in terms of its hold. Sadly, removing such mascara is truly troublesome. It frequently requires eyelid rubbing to wipe it off, and this leads to skin irritations and mechanical eyelash loss.

Regular mascara hold can be comparably long as it is with its waterproof equivalent. Many mascaras are able to remain untouched for long hours and still are easy to take off using a gentle make-up remover only. How to find this kind of mascara? One of the solutions is reading the reviews of women who had the opportunity to test a particular mascara, especially if the conditions were adverse (i.e. bad weather). Moreover, a producer should clearly define the mascara’s lifespan.

● Good mascara – consistency and oxidation

Mascara with the right consistency is a product that doesn’t oxidize fast even after many weeks of use. In other words, it’s a mascara which formula doesn’t change much throughout a few weeks and this means that it remains smooth, doesn’t plaster the brush nor leaves lumps on lashes. It must remain fresh to provide precise make-up and good-looking eyelashes. It’s worth realizing that the best mascara gets neither dry nor thicker. However, if the formula changes, it still shouldn’t impede effortless coating. In short, the coats applied after 3 months of regular mascara use should be as perfect as during the first mascaraing.

● Good mascara – nourishing substances

Only the top-shelf mascaras contain substances that do both: facilitate applying flawless make-up and nourish eyelashes. If you expect a mascara to do more than just coat your eyelashes but condition them as well – look for the products which contain natural oils, waxes, plant extracts, vitamins and panthenol. In short, the best mascaras protect the tiny hairs against damages, excessive loss and additionally stimulate lash growth.

● Good mascara – pigments

A mascara that makes eyelashes look amazing no matter the lighting? It’s owed to ultra-black pigments and either satin or powdery formula that coats eyelashes with black colour. Only this kind of coats make eyelashes look good no matter if exposed to intensive, artificial or sun light. Mineral pigments are said to be the most preferable ones. They don’t only leave eyelashes perfectly black but also take care of them and protect against damages.

● Good mascara – safety of use

Definitely, mascara must be safe for eyes and be comfortable to wear. It’s always worth checking whether a mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes and if it was dermatologically tested.

People who wear contact lenses should also pay attention to mascara composition and their action. The products which contain controversial ingredients may leave skin irritated and flake off. These flakes may get underneath the contact lenses and cause discomfort.

● Good mascara – reviews

Reviews and comments posted on the Internet are a great source of information concerning a particular cosmetic product. It’s a good idea to make use of them since they give you the first-hand insight on a particular mascara. Many women also post before and after pictures. This will surely help you access the effect a certain mascara offers.