It is a professional lengthening and thickening mascara enriched with lash-enhancing ingredients. Lashcode opens up new possibilities in make-up. It has been designed for women and it is recommended by them as well. A few months on the market were enough to get raving reviews and jump to the top of the ranking. Lashcode Mascara is second to none when it comes to the effect of maximally-defined and voluminous lashes.


Theoretically, the packaging is not the key thing but it’s actually the first thing we look at. Lashcode is a very tasteful mascara. A tube of an optimal shape and gray shade looks stunning on the dressing table. The bottle isn’t shiny so there are no marks left on it. The mascara is available in one version only.


I could write about the components of Lashcode for long hours. To me, it is a mascara which has the best list of ingredients – let me explain why. Let’s begin with the color – the included pigments. To be more precise, there’s just one ultra-black mineral pigment which makes Lashcode a maximally-saturated mascara. The pigment is safe and has gentle conditioning properties. Nourishment, moisture and repair are delivered by vitamins and plant extracts such as Baikalin, Wheat Shoots, Soy Shoots, Vitamin E, Pro-vitamin B5 and Arginine. When we add natural, plant waxes, we get a picture of a truly great mascara which gives a mind-blowing eye make-up and lash care at the same time.


Another winning move of Lashcode is connected with a simple applicator which conceals maximum effectiveness. The brush has been made from delicate silicone so the wand it elastic and matches the eye shape ideally. The bristles have an optimal length – their quantity and arrangement easily comb lashes and cover them with a perfect amount of the mascara with no clumps or smears. Lashcode wand is narrowed at the top and bottom so we can effortlessly maneuver in the eye corners. Smudging this mascara on eyelids or under eyes is simply impossible. Believe me, I tried. The applicator simply won’t let you.


The combination of a velvety and brilliantly-composed formula with a perfect spiral wand is a promise of success. And the promise if fulfilled! I know what I’m saying because I’ve looked up the reviews and have been using Lashcode for over a month now. It hasn’t let me down yet and it seems like this mascara is never going to disappoint me. It does magic with eyelashes – extension, thickening, volume boost, curl and upgraded color. One coat of Lashcode is enough for perfect eyelash definition. This mascara shapes lashes in an extraordinary way, adding volume and elasticity, and making the eyes more attractive, which we always desire. Is that all? Of course, not. Additionally, Lashcode Mascara has conditioning qualities as well. The product makes use of the sorption of eyelashes – the ability to absorb outside substances. So, while we wear Lashcode on our lashes, the mascara takes care of them. It nourishes, keeps hydration, regenerates, strengthens and increases elasticity. In a long run, it can even enhance the lash growth and minimize falling out. Still, the key thing is that the mascara is a daily make-up must-have.

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