How to make your eyelashes beautiful and healthy? Lash lift, lash lamination and lash botox treatments

Many women go for eyelash extensions although this treatment is known for worsening lash condition. Some women are ready to sacrifice their health for beauty, whereas others look for solutions which don’t neglect any part of these spheres. For that reason, beauty treatments that add volume to lashes and improve lash condition are growing in popularity. Among them you can find lash lift, lash lamination and lash botox cosmetics procedures. What makes them different? What’s lash botox like and what effects does it produce? How does the procedure look like and what active substances are required for the procedure to be successful? Are there any precautions to take after undergoing lash botox?

Lash lift & lash lamination – differences

The thing that tells both of the procedures apart are the substances used. Whereas lash lift depends on lifting the lashes up and curling them delicately, eyelash lamination also nourishes the lashes. This is possible due to keratin, which is a thin layer that fills the gaps in hair structure and as a consequence makes it thicker. During the procedure eyelashes are coated with a dyeing preparation which results in effective darkening and significant lash enhancement.

Since lash lift isn’t as multi-purpose as lash lamination, it isn’t surprising that its cost is definitely lower. In this way, you will pay twice as much for lash lamination than you would pay for lash lift.

What’s lash botox like?

Another nourishing eyelash treatment, which improves their natural appearance and condition, is eyelash botox. It depends on applying special preparations made from macadamia oil, jojoba oil and silk. In terms of delivered action, this preparation resembles a rich conditioner. Basically, lash botox can be used as either a single treatment or as a supplementary treatment carried out after lash colouring because lash botox is able to retain pigments in lash structure.

Lash botox – Course of the procedure

Lash botox comprises of 3 stages:

  • Stage 1, lifting, it’s aim is to curl lashes and make them look longer
  • Stage 2, dyeing, depends on intensifying lash colour form the base to the tips
  • Stage 3, application of botox, it’s aim is to strengthen and regenerate lashes

Lash botox – active substances

Preparation used for lash botox contains the following active substances:

  • hyaluronic acid that displays highly moisturising properties
  • keratin (its action is described above)
  • collagen is responsible for smoothing and protecting eyelid skin against damaging action of external aggressors
  • panthenol is enriched with vitamin B which is recognized for its moisturising properties
  • tocopherol that slows down lash ageing processes and extends lash life cycle
  • argan oil is also responsible for slowing down ageing processing and additionally encourages lashes to grow, reinforces them and moisturises

Lash botox – after the treatment

Lash botox, even if just applied, doesn’t limit us in any way. Women who underwent this beauty treatment can freely sleep with their head on the pillow, bath in a tube and in salty water, use sauna and wear contact lenses. Also, all regular cleansing preparations, mascaras and other colour cosmetics can be freely applied.

Lash botox – effects

Lash botox is a painless cosmetics procedure which makes eyelashes look stunning and restore their good health. The effects in the form of long, black, moisturised and regenerated eyelashes last up to two months.

An additional asset of lash botox to mention is time saving. As long as the effects persist, you can resign from applying mascara and eyelash curler.