How to avoid clumpy lashes? 5 easy-to-follow tricks

Clumpy eyelashes is a nightmare of many women. Mostly it happens when we either are in a hurry or apply a poor-quality mascara. Find out how to avoid clumpy eyelashes while spreading out the mascara over lashes.

The most stunning eye make-up is when it’s enhanced, yet it doesn’t look unnatural. The secret of flawless make-up are thickened and darkened, and most of all clump-free lashes. After all, the best decoration we can gift our eyes with are perfectly separated lashes of incredible volume.

What should be done to avoid clumpy eyelashes?

1. Remove make-up precisely the previous day

Frequently, clumpy eyelashes are the result of mascara residues that still remain on the hairs despite make-up removal done the previous day. For that reason, it’s worth making an effort to get rid of mascara coats completely to avoid clumps while applying morning make-up. To take off some mascara coats, you must wipe them using a few cotton pads damp with a micellar lotion. This step should be retaken until a cotton pad stays clean completely after wiping eyelashes with it. Thanks to this, next day you will prevent eyelash clumping.

2. Don’t use old mascara

It’s a really bad idea to use one mascara endlessly. It must be realized that a mascara is a product with fixed expiration period and in most cases it can be used safely for 3 months. Indeed, there are mascaras that can be used for 6 months once opened, yet it’s always clearly marked on the packaging with appropriate PAO graphic symbol. Application of an expired mascara can lead to irritations and may also negatively influence the final effect of make-up – an old mascara may leave clumpy eyelashes because the product’s properties change with time.

3. Apply minimal amounts of mascara

Overdoing isn’t recommended when it comes to make-up. Too many cosmetics applied and too strongly enhanced eyes can age as instead of taking years off. First and foremost, too many mascara coats are quite an overburdening for eyelashes. Every next coat increases the risk of clumping lashes together. Sometimes it’s better to invest in a quality mascara that accentuates eyelashes already with one glide of a brush instead of trying to boost volume due to a few mascara coats.

4. Wait a while before applying another coat

There are mascaras which enable creating different effects that vary with the number of coats applied. In order to avoid this unwanted clumpy lashes, mascara must be applied in the right way. Rush isn’t advised here – after applying the first coat, wait a while to let it dry. Only then should you proceed with putting on another coat avoiding spider leg effect, which is another name for clumpy lashes.

5. Use eyelash comb

Many women find using such accessories like eyelash combs useless – we think that a mascara brush should deal with this well enough. Indeed, a good mascara should cope with this problem but in the case of poor quality mascaras, it’s worth realizing that unless combed before mascaraing, eyelashes are easy to clump. Therefore, before putting on mascara, you should separate eyelashes precisely using a special comb. Naturally, it’s role can be taken by an old, thick and clean mascara brush.