GIVENCHY – Phenomen’eyes


Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes is a lengthening mascara which extremely extends the lashes. It’s been designed to give the eyes an intensity, deepness and sensual charm. The waterproof Phenomen’Eyes Mascara is a long-lasting product for a perfect and precise eye make-up. The unusual wand and effective formula leave the eyelashes longer, curled, separated and maximally thickened. Coated with Phenomen’Eyes, the fan of lashes guarantees a mind-blowing effect.


Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes is housed in a slim and solid black tube. It’s the elegance and simplicity in a compact version. The tube is quite small so it easily fits in a bag and it’s easy to use e.g. in travel. It’s a huge plus for me.


The components provide the Phenomen’Eyes Mascara with the lash-lengthening qualities. The product is rich in natural polymers and waxes that coat each and every lash for an immediate effect. Gum arabic delivers the curl. The set of ingredients has been enriched with Sweet Almond Oil that nourishes and softens the eyelashes. I like mascaras which have extra nourishing properties and are gentle for the lashes. That’s why Phenomen’Eyes is among my favorites.


The wand is definitely the most extravagant thing about the Phenomen’Eyes Mascara. It was the first mascara I’ve had with a brush of a small, spiky ball. This round wand is supposed to allow for the 360-degree motion. Holding the brush horizontally lets you coat the lashes ideally from roots and separate them. If you hold the wand diagonally, you can reach even the tiniest lashes in the corners. Holding the brush vertically, you curl and shape the eyelashes. That’s the theory. In reality, working with this type of a brush is hard (to put it mildly). Believe it or not, I felt like throwing Phenomen’Eyes Mascara out during first weeks of use. I didn’t do it and I’m glad. After some time, I got the hang of the application for really great effects. I want you to know that Givenchy mascara isn’t a good solution for long and full lashes because this wand makes the coating difficult.


There are two characteristic features that are the mascara’s biggest advantages. Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes hardens very fast and it’s extremely long-wear, staying on really long. Too bad the application requires lots of precision and attention not to hurt the eyes. If you wrongly apply Phenomen’Eyes, the mascara will leave ugly spider leg-like clumps. On the other hand, if you learn to use the applicator, you can expect a stunning curl, thickening and definition of even the shortest lashes in the eye corners. Phenomen’Eyes Mascara is really hard to use so I couldn’t rate it the highest among my top five. However, I truly like it and have been using it long, whenever I have time for playing with the tricky wand. Givenchy Mascara is one of the efficient and long-lasting mascaras I’ve ever had. I’ve had it for six months and it still keeps its properties. It doesn’t irritate, dry out or run out.