Eyelash perm. What is it and how is it done?

Eyelash perm is a procedure that involves lifting up eyelashes. Although it can be done on short and long eyelashes, more spectacular effects will be visible in the second case. What is the eyelash perm, how is it done, and what are the effects? What are the contraindications to the procedure and its possible side effects? How much does it cost?

What is the eyelash perm about?

Step 1. Before the visit

It’s important to remove contact lenses before the treatment as they can irritate the eye and cause a burning sensation in your eye. For the same reason it’s necessary to remove make-up.

Step 2. Getting ready for the procedure

At the beginning a beautician applies physiological saline or castor oil to your eyelashes combing them at the same time with a special brush. Then, the technician selects the appropriate roll. There are three available sizes:

  • S – or short lashes,
  • M – for medium-length lashes,
  • L – for long lashes.

The rolls are used to lift the eyelashes up.

Step 3. Applying the roller

Before the roller is applied to eyelashes, it should be soaked with a special preparation. Then it has to be cut to fit the size of the eyelid. The eyelashes are pressed to the roll with the use of a wooden stick. Eyes must be fully closed during this and next stages.

Step 4. Applying the gel

Then two types of gel are applied to eyelashes:

  • the first changes the structure of eyelashes and opens the cuticles;
  • the second closes the cuticles and fixes the curl.

Both gels need to be left on eyelashes for about 10 minutes.
The wooden stick should be dried after applying both preparations. This will protect the eye from getting any of the substances into the eye and causing some irritations.

Step 5. Roll removal

The last stage involves removing the roll. The eyelid needs to be pulled and the item rolled upwards.

The whole treatment takes about an hour. This is an entirely painless procedure.

Perm Eyelashes – effects

The effects last for about 6-8 weeks. In order to maximize the effect, eyelash henna can be applied.

Perm eyelashes – contraindications

In general, the procedure should not begin until a client removes the contact lenses. Other contraindications include: recent eye surgery, chalazia, and eye inflammations and allergies.

Perm eyelashes – side effects

As a matter of fact, perm eyelashes deteriorate the condition of eyelashes. The following are considered as the side effects:

  • fragility and dryness of eyelashes,
  • unevenly curled eyelashes,
  • bended eyelashes in different directions (although this is a side effect of incorrectly performed procedure, you have to take it into account).

Eyelash perm – price

The price varies depending on various factors, such as the location of the beauty parlour, its reputation and the experience of the technician, but in general, this is not an expensive treatment. If also henna is applied, the price increases, but still this is not an astronomical amount of money.