DIOR – Diorshow Extase Mascara

Diorshow Extase

Diorshow Extase Mascara is called the ‘instant oversize volume mascara’. The product is supposed to deliver a spectacular volume, as well as thicken the lashes after just one sweep of a brush. Diorshow Extase ensures fuller and longer eyelashes; their depth is defined by the strong black pigment. The mascara coats each and every lash, giving the effect of plumped and shaped lashes. A seductive look is a result of coating the eyelashes with Diorshow Extase.


The luxury Diorshow Extase comes in an equally luxurious, golden tube. A simple, mirrored packaging has a logo on the back and the mascara’s name. It looks fancy on every dressing table. The top is decorated with CD letters – the initials of the fashion house founder. The tube is aesthetic, solid and durable.


Diorshow Extase Mascara is a formula that’s based on three basic, high-quality ingredients. Metamorphosis Powder has thickening properties and aims at boosting volume (even by 50%). The Black Pearl Pigments gift the lashes with an intense black colour and additionally give the 3D effect thanks to the globularity of pearls. Diorshow Extase formula has been enriched with the SR38 – patented by the brand. The ingredient brings the lash smoothness, fullness and regeneration at the same time. The substance has a conditioning power.


The Diorshow Extase brush has been inspired by the multi-layer Dior dresses. The couture-design wand consists of two types of fibers. The elastomer black fibers work like a comb, separating the lashes. At first, the mascara didn’t leave clumps on my lashes. The golden, nylon, ultra-delicate fibers are to thicken and lengthen the eyelashes by applying large quantities of the mascara. I guess these fibers pick up too much of the product after some time of use. That’s why the second and every other coating makes the lashes clumpy. If one coat of Diorshow Extase is enough for you, go for it!


The intense blackness is the first and most important benefit that comes to my mind when I think about Diorshow Extase. The mascara ensures a truly deep black shade without the matte effect (due to the air). Dior product is smudge-free and I didn’t notice flaking even after a day of wear. Diorshow Extase Mascara’s long-wear formula deserves to be appreciated. As I’ve already mentioned, the mascara may leave the lashes sticking-together. It’s both because of a mismatched wand and too watery formula. The mascara dries very slowly so you should wait a moment after taking the brush out of the tube before you start applying the product. Diorshow mascara hardens more or less after a month of use and you must replace it regularly (without finishing the tube), which is quite problematic considering the price. When it comes to the effects, I like them but, to be honest, I’m not demanding. My natural lashes are long so an intense black hue is enough for a nice definition. Dior mascara increases volume and adds amazing thickening. It makes the eyelashes stronger if used regularly. I’ve heard opinions that Diorshow Extase gives a full fan of lashes. I haven’t noticed that on my eyelashes but still – the effect is satisfactory.