Lots of women keep facing up to a serious problem:


Even though it seems like something of no importance to men, women know the weight of the problem very well. Thanks to mascaras, we get the eye definition, the ideal eye shape and tempting looks. You know what I mean if you’ve ever drawn a man’s attention, fluttering your lashes. A mascara is my long-time ally that effectively replaces strip or cluster lashes.

My experience tells me that the key things to consider while choosing a mascara include:

  • an applicator’s shape, size and type,
  • formula that’s supposed give specific effects,
  • extra substances among the ingredients,
  • color (it’s the thing women care for the least).

An applicator is – in my opinion – the most important element of every mascara. Even the perfect formula won’t give you desired effects if a wand doesn’t fulfill its task. There are at least several types of applicators. Although I’m a fan of silicone brushes, I’m going to discuss all types of wands. Before mentioning the applicators, a few words about mascaras.

The formula of a mascara is nearly as important as the applicator. Mascaras aren’t just tools for coloring the lashes like they used to be. Nowadays, we get the lash thickening, lengthening, curling and even nourishing with just one product. Depending on our lashes and the effect we want, we can choose between extending, thickening, volume-boosting or curling mascaras.

Additional substances aren’t the key elements yet they matter, too. Go for products that are enriched with strengthening (vitamin E, cashmere protein), nourishing (keratin, plant waxes) and moisturising (panthenol, chitosan) ingredients. They don’t have an influence on the mascara’s properties but if you use them, your lashes will repay you with a good condition, shine and resilience.

The things that make you choose a perfect product for your needs are:


All types of brushes fulfill specific functions. To me, we pay too little attention to the applicator’s shape. This results in negative reviews of really good products. We usually think that a lengthening mascara must extend the lashes no matter the wand. I’ll try to show you the link between the applicator’s type and the effects of a given mascara. Remember that both the right formula and suitable applicators are extremely important.

Contrary to appearances, the dependence between eyelashes and applicators is quite simple:

  • an asymmetric wand for lashes of different length,
  • a silicone wand with sparse bristles for dense lashes,
  • a wand with dense and soft bristles for fragile lashes,
  • a spiral, irregular wand for short lashes,
  • a comb-like wand for sticking-together lashes,
  • a round wand for false lashes.

I’d love this ‘cheat sheet’ to be always true and helpful. Unfortunately, even the most detailed info can’t help us buy a mascara that’s ideal for our needs. For example, what if your lashes are short, fragile and tend to stick together? It’s hard to find a soft-bristle brush that’s spiral and comb-like at the same time. While picking a mascara, try to follow the rules yet test new solutions.

Opinions are really helpful. If you don’t know if a pricy mascara is going to work on your lashes, it’s best to check the reviews. In this way you find out the effects of a given product on the specific lashes of consumers. Opinions are extremely helpful because it happens that a budget product offers better quality than the luxury cosmetics. The comparison reviews of mascaras are the key source of information and I truly recommend taking a closer look at them.

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